Have you missed out on enjoying the Olympic frenzy this summer?

In a word: no.

Many would-be travelers give up on the Olympics way too early, figuring that as the Games near, prices spiral upwards for flights, accommodations, and even basic amenities. Not to mention that pesky question of actually obtaining tickets – they’re long gone, right?

Think again.

Those in the know realize that package-tourism companies often release flight tickets late in the season, once they have booked up all their inventory. This brings plane-ticket prices down as May slips into June.

More importantly, the Olympics organizers always plan for a second-round ticket release a few months before the Games. And, as it happens, that’s going on right now.

That’s right. Fresh tickets to a range of Olympic events are hitting the market tonight (well, 11am UK time on Friday, to be specific.) So get your last-minute tickets for such events as the 100m track finals (watch Usain Bolt fly by!) and the opening and closing ceremonies.

As for accommodations? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a special Collection just for you. Our London Within Reach Collection features spaces in the Big Smoke that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Like this cozy room right in Paddington.


Or this sweet Shoreditch pad, not far from Hackney’s Olympic Village.


Or even this entire studio in Bath Terrace, where you can have the whole place to yourself.


And if your budget is a bit stretchy, hope over to our Lowdown on London Collection, which showcases the most magnificent spots in the city. (We’ve got our eye on this amazing narrowboat.)


Whatever your style and budget, your London dreams are within reach. Reach for those rings!

Image courtesy Anirudh Koul, Flickr