As we grow older, we’re often nervous about new experiences. When we go to a new place, many of us are afraid that we won’t be accepted, that we’ll feel lost or alone. When you fear the unknown and avoid strangers, it’s easy to question Man’s kindness.

What if we could explore the world with the fearlessness of a child? As children, we’re all fearless explorers. What if we could recapture that magic of adventure and sense of being at home anywhere?

We’re born to experience the world around us with wonder, enthusiasm, and courage. We begin our lives with a natural ability to feel like we belong anywhere.

Over the past seven years at Airbnb, we’ve found that the reason for this is simple:


Kindness is universal. It allows us to transcend barriers of race, religion and culture. It’s present in the way our hosts open their homes, in those small acts of hospitality that accumulate each day and transform our interactions.

Kindness is the foundation of our entire community – Airbnb hosts aren’t just sharing their homes, they’re sharing part of themselves. When guests open their doors, they’re opening their hearts and minds as well.

“The breakthrough of Airbnb is that it does more than give you a place to sleep – it changes the way you experience the world,” adds our CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky. “Because when we trust in the kindness of our fellow man, we discover that the world isn’t such a scary place after all.”

Today, we’re unveiling a new campaign called “Is Mankind?” We hope it inspires you to look around the world and see it as a child again. To feel safe and loved and like adventure is waiting around every corner.

We want to hear your thoughts. We hope you will go and see for yourselves: Stay in our hosts’ homes, hear their stories, understand their lives. Then share your experiences with our community. What kindness do you see in the world? Join the conversation at #Mankind and let’s experience and celebrate these moments of kindness together.