Hosting in multiple languages—by yourself or with co-hosts—is a great way to grow your business. Below are answers to some of your top language questions and some tools and tips to make managing languages for your experience easier.


How do I translate my Airbnb Experiences page into multiple languages?

You can offer your experience page in all the languages you’re fluent in without having to translate the page yourself. An auto-translated version of your experience page will be created for every language you select, and you’ll be able to edit the translations to make sure that your page accurately reflects your experience in every language. 

To translate your experience page: 

  1. Go to Edit experience under General settings, click Languages
  2. Click Add more
  3. Select the languages you want your experience page translated into and click Add
  4. Click Show translation
  5. Click Approve translations

Make sure to review the translations of your experience page to make sure it’s just the way you want it before approving the translation.

After adding additional languages, it is important to update translated languages when you make changes on your experience page. To update your translations when you edit your page, go to the same languages tab and update translated language:

  1. Go to Edit experience under General settings, click Languages
  2. Click “edit” next to additional languages
  3. Update


How can I host in a specific language for a specific instance?

When you schedule an experience, you now can specify what language(s) it will be hosted in. For example, a host who speaks both English and Spanish can choose to host in English on Friday, and Spanish on Saturday. Or, they can continue to mix languages on both days.


What’s the benefit?

  • Improved experience for your guests: You can now host in specific languages without needing to support all the languages that you host in at the same time.
  • More flexibility for you: Want to create a special instance just for Korean speakers? Now you can.


Where can I find it?

If you already offer your experience in more than one language, you’ll find the new feature in your calendar. It’s just like selecting a custom time or price. But note that if you currently only offer your experience in one language, you’ll need to translate your experience page into another language before you can use this feature. The feature is available on both web and the Airbnb app on iOS.