We are all gathered in Paris with thousands of hosts from over 100 countries for the next 3 days and 3 nights of classes, adventures around the city, and celebrations of our global community. We announced some exciting new features, services and community projects today. Check them all out!

More money, less work with Smart Pricing

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The right price for your listing can change over time: travel trends change, big events come to town, and new listings pop up in your area. That’s why we were thrilled to launch the early beta version of Smart Pricing, which will start rolling out to hosts around the world in January. You’ll be able to set your price to automatically adapt to changes in demand based on your pre-set requirements, within a minimum and maximum price that you choose. Smart Pricing also factors in what’s unique about your listing and your hosting style.

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More bookings from business travelers

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For business travelers, a hair dryer and an ironing board can make or break a trip. That’s why we launched Business Travel Ready listings: a classification for listings that have the services and amenities that business travelers have told us they most frequently request. If you confirm that you’ll provide these services and amenities, your space will be shown as a Business Travel Ready listing to travelers from companies like Google and Salesforce, which are encouraging their employees to stay with Airbnb hosts when they’re on business trips.

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A profile photo for every guest

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Now we’re going to be requiring every guest to upload a profile photo when they create an account on Airbnb, or when they request a reservation if they don’t have a photo. We also unveiled a new way to detect if their picture doesn’t show their face, so we can encourage them to use a photo that will show hosts who they are. When your guests arrive, you’ll be seeing familiar faces.

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Explore the new Community Center


We announced the launch of a new way for hosts around the world to connect with one another, and we recognized the group of hosts from around the world who have helped us get the conversations started. In the Community Center, you can share your hospitality tips, find other hosts in your area, and ask the questions only other hosts can answer.

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