Over 60 million total guests have had a safe, comfortable experience traveling on Airbnb. Though we’re proud of the Trust and Safety programs we’ve built, we’re always working to do more. In January 2015, we launched the Host Protection Insurance program, a liability insurance program that provides up to $1 million of protection to Airbnb hosts in the United States. Today, we’re happy to announce that the Host Protection Insurance program is now available in sixteen countries worldwide:

The Netherlands
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

That means the Host Protection Insurance program now covers nearly 1 million hosts worldwide–and we’re working hard to continue expanding it to other countries around the globe.

Additionally, we have redeveloped the program and it is now a primary insurance program, rather than secondary insurance. This means that the Host Protection Insurance program may provide coverage to hosts irrespective of what other insurance arrangements they may have.

The Host Protection Insurance program is a groundbreaking collaboration between the insurance industry and Airbnb, and coverage under the program is provided in partnership with a Lloyd’s of London participating insurer, one of the world’s most reputable insurance organizations.

Here’s how it works: if a guest is accidentally injured anywhere in a host’s listing or the surrounding area, the Host Protection Insurance program is designed to provide coverage for Airbnb hosts and, in some cases, their landlords. The Host Protection Insurance program may also cover a host in situations where a guest causes damage to the surrounding area of a listing–for example, if water damage from an accident in a listing leaks into a neighboring apartment. Coverage is provided up to $1 million USD in all countries where the program is available.

If you’re a host in one of the countries where the Host Protection Insurance program is now available, you may receive an email with more information about the program. You don’t have to take any action to be covered by this program: it’s effective today. You can visit airbnb.com/host-protection-insurance to learn more.

The Host Protection Insurance program is just one of the many ways Airbnb is working to protect our hosts and their surrounding communities. Our $1 Million Host Guarantee provides reimbursement in the rare case of property damage. We’ve developed a new home safety program that makes it easy and convenient for hosts worldwide to make their homes safer with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We’ve established guidelines for our hosts on how to be good neighbors and host responsibly. And we’ve created a hotline for neighbors who have questions or concerns about Airbnb.

If you ever have questions about the Host Protection Insurance program or Trust and Safety at Airbnb, we encourage you to visit airbnb.com/trust or contact us with any questions.