As sponsors of San Francisco Pride for a second year, we are proud to welcome all people—the LGBTQ community, family, friends, allies, and every age, race, and culture—to a city that celebrates love, acceptance, and equality all year long.

But while we are celebrating this weekend and the historic ruling for marriage equality on Friday, June 26th, we also realize this sentiment isn’t shared everywhere in the world.  Despite all of the forward progress we’ve seen, there are over 75 countries in the world where homosexuality is still considered illegal.

We created this film after an Airbnb employee brought up her concerns in planning her honeymoon. At a time that should be about openly honoring commitment and love between two people, she and her future wife had to be careful about where they chose to go for fear that they may not be welcomed, even safe. And while Airbnb has ambitious goals in creating a world where all 7 billion of us can belong anywhere, we know that if issues like this still exist, we have a long way to go to achieving that dream.

There is no easy way to get there, and we can’t claim to have the solution. But we do know the answer lies somewhere in the power of human kindness and in the personal hospitality we see in our community. As open doors lead to more open minds, as people of different backgrounds come together over dinner tables to accept each other and welcome strangers as friends, we can look forward to creating a world of more acceptance, together.

And that is something truly worth celebrating.

Thank you to our friends at Molecule for helping us create this piece, and to the lovely couples who shared their stories with us.