Are your wishes coming true?

We’ve been overwhelmed with the response to our new Wish Lists. The Airbnb community is sharing dreams worldwide.

Today we have a special Wish List for you. Sara and Josh, founders of, are entrepreneurs who are making other people’s honeymoon dreams come true through collaboration. What better folks to create a dream Wish List of Honeymoon Hotspots?


And, of course, we’ve teamed up to bring you an awesome contest today. We’re asking you to create a Wish List that reflects your dream honeymoon.

Five runners up will receive free Honeyfund Premium accounts. And the grand-prize winner will take home a massive $500 in Airbnb travel credit! Yup, $500. That should kickstart anyone’s honeymoon.

All you have to do is create your honeymoon-themed Wish List and share it on Twitter by 9pm TODAY (Pacific time) using the hashtag #lovemywishlist. Check out Honeyfund’s blog for the full details.



Need a Wish Lists refresher? No worries, honeymooners!

1. Log in to (If you’re not a member, you’ll need to sign up.) Make sure your account is Facebook Connected.

2. Now, check out some of our Airbnb Picks. They feature some amazing Wish Lists that might inspire you, such as The Land of Milk and Honeymoons or In The Lap of Luxury.

3. If you see a listing that catches your eye – from these Wish Lists or anywhere on – simply click on the listing image. Then click “Save to Wish List.”


4. Select the dropdown menu and click “Create New.” Then enter a title for your Wish List, click “Create” and hit “Done.”


5. Once you’ve created your Wish List, you’ll be prompted to save it. Add a note in the Note field if you like, and make sure that “Everyone” is selected under the question “Who can see your new Wish List?” Then click “Save.”


6. Keep going! Add at least four more listings to your Wish List. (When you find a listing you love, just click “Save to Wish List” and make sure you save it to the same Wish List you just created.

7. Now click on “My Wish Lists,” at the top of your page. This brings you to a page that contains all the Wish Lists you’ve created.


8. You’re almost done! Click on the Wish List you’ve just created, then click “Share” and select “Twitter.”


9. You’ll be prompted to tweet about your Wish List. Make sure that the hashtag #lovemywishlist is included in the tweet. (If you don’t use this hashtag, we won’t be able to find you.) Then just click “Tweet.”

That’s it! (Be sure to follow @honeyfund to see if you won.) Happy honeymoon dreaming.