Are you making some wishes yet?

Yesterday, we told you about our new Wish Lists and even gave away some cool free stuff.

Why stop when you have a good thing going?

Today’s special Wish List is from Dave and Neil, co-founders of Warby Parker. We are amazed by the work that Warby Parker does. Sure, they make glasses and sunglasses. But they’re so much more. They not only put formerly inaccessible design within reach for most people, but also create a tightly knit community via their mission of giving away a pair of glasses for each one purchased.

As it happens, Dave and Neil love the sea. That’s kind of appropriate for folks who let you see better. (Apologies. That pun was nearly unforgivable.) So they’ve picked out their favorite Must-See Ocean Views on Airbnb.


And, of course, we have another surprise for you. If you create an amazing Wish List and tweet in by 11:59pm California time TODAY, you’ll have a chance to win prizes from both Warby Parker and Airbnb. See all the details on Warby Parker’s Blog.


(Need a quick how-to on our Wish Lists? No problem. Here you go)

1. Log in to (If you’re not a member, you’ll need to sign up.) Make sure your account is Facebook Connected.

2. Now, check out some of our Airbnb Picks. They feature some amazing Wish Lists that might inspire you, such as Surfin’ TurfTo Infinity Pools and Beyond and Private Islands.

3. If you see a listing that catches your eye – from these Wish Lists or anywhere on – simply click on the listing image. Then click “Save to Wish List.”


4. Select the dropdown menu and click “Create New.” Then enter a title for your Wish List, click “Create” and hit “Done.”


5. Once you’ve created your Wish List, you’ll be prompted to save it. Add a note in the Note field if you like, and make sure that “Everyone” is selected under the question “Who can see your new Wish List?” Then click “Save.”


6. Keep going! Add at least four more listings to your Wish List. (When you find a listing you love, just click “Save to Wish List” and make sure you save it to the same Wish List you just created.

7. Now click on “My Wish Lists,” at the top of your page. This brings you to a page that contains all the Wish Lists you’ve created.


8. You’re almost done! Click on the Wish List you’ve just created, then click “Share” and select “Twitter.”

9. You’ll be prompted to tweet about your Wish List. Make sure that the hashtag #lovemywishlist is included in the tweet. (If you don’t use this hashtag, we won’t be able to find you.) Then just click “Tweet.”

That’s it! Make sure your follow @WarbyParker on Twitter tomorrow to see if you’ve won.

Good luck, and happy wishing.