April 22nd (Earth Day!) is coming up, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to think about ways we can help improve our planet. (But then again, every day is a great time for that conversation.) Especially as hosts, we have the chance to educate others on sustainable living and travel. From showing your guests public transportation options in your area to stocking up on environmentally-friendly cleaning products, there are so many easy, small steps you can take to be more “green” this Earth Day…and all the other days, too. Sure, these changes can make for better, more sustainable hosting. But they also make for better living for the whole planet. And really, doesn’t that feel good on so many levels?

Last summer, Airbnb conducted a host and guest environmental survey working with an external group to conduct an analysis of the environmental impact of home sharing. Many of you shared some pretty creative ways to reduce your footprint while still providing amazing hospitality for travelers from all over the world. We knew that home sharing was a sustainable choice, and were even more thrilled to learn the ways that hosts like you are leading the charge in your communities. So high fives for that! Thank you for inspiring us.

We took all of the tips that you shared, consulted a few trusted environmental organizations, and put it all together in The Green Tips — our recommendations for traveling and hosting more sustainably. Be sure to download the printable version for yourself and to share with your guests.

earth day sustainable hosting tips airbnb


And if you are out there hosting and thinking green, we’d love to hear from you. Share some of your own Green Tips with the rest of the community by sending an email to greentips@airbnb.com. Let us know you host and travel with the earth in mind!

Special thanks to the following organizations for their insight and input into this list: Ecodistricts, Jonathan Tourtellot, Geotourism Editor at the National Geographic Traveler, Sustainable Travel International, and our many hosts and guests who took time to participate in the environmental survey and share their thoughts.