We’ve heard your request to have more creative control over your experience photos, and you’ll now be able to add, edit, and remove your own photos. Photos will need to go through a round of reviews to ensure they meet our standards, but you’ll get to decide how you want to share your journey. This is the first in series of improvements to help make managing your photos easier. We’d love to continue to hear your ideas and feedback, so reach out and let us know what you think!

The photos you display on your experience page are key to attracting guests and can lead to bookings. They play an important role in visually sharing your story, and paint a picture of what guests will be doing once they book your experience.

Here are five guidelines that can help you make a great first impression and pass our quality bar when submitting your photos:

1. Add an attention-grabbing cover photo

Think of this image as a book cover—it’s the first thing guests will notice when they’re browsing experiences. It’s important that your cover photo, as well as gallery photos, are clear, inspiring, and represent your experience.

In your cover photo, try to highlight your guests interacting with each other or you leading the activity. For example, you might show a close up of your guests’ hands kneading dough with their hands, relaxing in meditation, or practicing balancing on their surfboard.

Here are some helpful guidelines to help you select a high-quality cover photo:

  • Candid images of you and your guests in action work best
  • Try using all natural light
  • Keep it simple–clear images work best
  • Don’t modify your images with graphics or text

When a potential guest views your experience page, they’ll want to imagine themselves participating in your adventure. Consider highlighting the ways you are a trustworthy host, offering a quality experience, so they know what to expect upon arrival.

2. Make it clear that you are an engaging host

As a host, you are what makes each experience unique. Don’t be afraid to show what makes you special. This is a good opportunity to share how guests can get a sense of how you will guide them during your time together.

3. Include guests in your photos

Showing engaging guests in your photos helps put potential new travelers in their shoes and helps them imagine how they’d spend their time with you. Make sure that you have your guests’ permission to feature them in your photos.

4. Use photos to tell a story

Stories show a location, unique details, and lots of action. Here’s how you can convey an intriguing story with your photos:

  • Show people where they will be and what makes it interesting. Guests appreciate photos that give a clear sense of the places they’ll visit and how they’ll spend their time. 
  • Experiences go beyond regular activities or tours. Help people visualize how they will be an active participant in your unique experience.
  • Bring special moments to life by capturing close-ups and textures

5. Follow our photo standards

We want to help set you up for success to get your photos approved right away. To save you time, ensure your photos meet the following technical requirements so your photos can be posted on your experience page.

✓ Good Lighting

Example of a photo that is too dark

Try shooting in daylight or around natural light. If your experience is at night, try lighting your venue, space, or subject with a strong light source.

✓ High resolution and in focus

Example of a blurry photo

Watch out for blurriness or graininess.

✓ Photos can be cropped vertically

Example of how a photo may be cropped

Even if you provide a horizontal photo, it will be cropped vertically. Make sure that the subject is clearly visible if cropped vertically.

✓ Keep photos filter-free

Example of a filtered photo

Submit images that don’t have filters on them. Our editors will apply our unique Airbnb filter to make all photos look uniform.

✓ Capture candid moments

Example of a posed photo that wouldn’t meet our requirements

Show your guests participating and only submit candid photos. Keep in mind posed photos don’t meet our requirements.


Keep in mind there are requirements your photos must meet in order to pass our quality bar. If these are included in images, we won’t be able to add them to your experience page:

Low resolution (e.g. blurriness or graininess)

People are posed, staged, looking directly at the camera, or taking selfies

Photo is in black and white

Text overlaid on image

Collage of photos

Includes children

✘ Shows nudity

We hope these improvements give you more control over your experience, and that these photography tips help you visually share your story with travelers from all over the world.