Our community’s safety, both online and offline, is our priority. While we can’t eliminate all the risk in traveling or going on unique Experiences, in the rare event that things go wrong, Airbnb wants guests to receive high standards of care, which is why we have partnered with International SOS to provide medical assistance services to guests in emergency situations.

Who is International SOS?

International SOS is a medical and travel security risks services company. They are in the business of saving and protecting lives through their team of dedicated medical professionals who service multinational companies, governments, and NGOs globally.

What kind of support is offered?

International SOS will help support medically necessary evacuations for Experience guests and will provide expert recommendations regarding health care globally to ensure Experience guests have access to the most appropriate medical care. Where medically necessary, International SOS will make recommendations for and manage the end-to-end process of medical evacuations.

Is International SOS a replacement for emergency services?

No, International SOS is not designed to be a replacement for local emergency services. If there is any doubt, local emergency services should be contacted prior to contacting International SOS.

Emergency planning  

We recommend that all guests and hosts engaging in an Experience prepare an emergency plan in case of a natural disaster or any other kind of emergency that could occur during an Experience.

Here are several useful safety plan templates provided by the American Red Cross and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC):

Making an Emergency Plan

Additional Airbnb provided trip protections
For all Experiences, Airbnb offers 24/7 customer support. We also maintain $1 million of liability insurance under our Experience Protection Insurance program, in order to provide hosts and guests with peace of mind (certain exclusions apply).

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