Elizabeth, host of Food Market Explorers, has been an experience host in Mexico City since it launched in June 2017. Elizabeth is a journalist, philanthropist, and world traveler, and had zero experience hosting before launching her experience on Airbnb. She now has 72 5-star reviews from guests around the world who have returned the favor of hospitality right back to her.

Elizabeth has experience traveling the world for the last 22 years. Once when she was looking for an Airbnb listing, she noticed experiences on the site for the first time. What she saw she could do with locals in Paris turned into inspiration to create her own experience in Mexico City. Combined with her pride for Mexico City and her stressful job, she felt experiences was the perfect “opportunity to be free, funny, and to meet interesting people.”

From there, she was sold on hosting experiences, and Food Market Explorers was born. During her experience, Elizabeth walks guests through corridors of different markets, sharing how the social and economic situation in Mexico City influences daily life. Of course, you can’t go to a market without taste testing, and guests are lucky enough to indulge in authentic Mexican food over stories of Mexican culture.

When we asked Elizabeth about her keys to successful hosting, she shared four things that impact her experience:

  1. Anticipate guest needs. Before Elizabeth meets her guests, she asks them for any special requests and customizes their experience.
  2. Live by the rule, “Be nice to other travelers.” She thinks of this as an unwritten law.
  3. Provide top-notch hospitality. When we asked Elizabeth what hospitality means to her, she said “To share the real daily life with guests. I love to share the same things that makes me happy in my own daily life with other people and through this details, explain the social, economic and cultural reality of my own city.”
  4. Learn by hosting. When we asked her if there was anything she wish she knew when she started hosting, she said “Now I know that the real important thing is to be authentic and have the desire to have a good time with my guests.”

Elizabeth has also discovered hospitality works both ways. Since she started in June 2017, Elizabeth has hosted almost 200 guests from around the world. When we asked her about her most memorable moment as a host, she reflected on September 19, 2017, the day of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. It was the deadliest quake to hit Mexico City in more than 30 years. She shared “The first messages that I received were from my old guests asking if I needed anything. That was very human, and give me motivation to continue helping other people in my damaged city.”

Elizabeth’s top-notch care with the Airbnb community stayed with her guests so deeply that they returned the favor to her during a time of need. She understands successful hosting happens one guest at a time, and inspires us to connect with each guest, making each experience special and personal.

If you’d like to experience Mexico City’s authentic food and culture through the eyes of Elizabeth, you can book Food Market Explorers now (she has dates open until June!).