More than thirty of Portland’s community of hosts wrapped up summer with Airbnb at an outdoor social at the Alberta street neighborhood staple, Cruzroom. Owner, Tavi Cruz offered specialty cocktails and Asian-inspired tapas, as hosts met and greeted each other and shared their hosting stories and tips. 


Excitement of the event spurred brainstorms of future meetups as hosts, Riko and Alleyn discussed “host potlucks” in the winter. While others shared first-time Airbnb experiences, several hosts discovered that they had hosted the same guest, proving the power of Airbnb making a small world, smaller. Another host, Abraham brought a guest who had only planned to come for the free drinks, but after seeing our community’s passion for Airbnb, she declared, “Now I want to be a host!” 


I even got a big hug from host, Heather M., who’s listing has been booked non-stop since joining Airbnb. Overall, a great night of food, drinks, and stories in good company. The countdown for October’s social has already begun, as guests have started to plan baby-sitting arrangements for the next social. 

Sam is the Community Coordinator of Portland, Oregon.