Stellar Host Shout Out – Wayne & Amanda
While the snow season may be winding down (it’s not over yet) we wanted to let you know about the lovely hosting duo, Wayne & Amanda. Located in northern Vancouver they are very close to downtown, and more importantly, lots of ski hills. Here’s just a couple reasons why we think you should sneak in one more trip before the snow melts…


1. A Personal Touch: They have a personal brochure that they share with all guests including food, coffee, walks, daytrips and more – including all of their favorite things.
2. Pick Your Workout: They are just minutes from the “Grand Boulevard” where many of the trees are over 100 years old. The walk is 12 blocks, but depending on how relaxing you want your vacation to be, you don’t have to walk all of them.
3. Two Experienced Hosts: They have hosted for over a year and have had hosts from all over the world, including: Holland, Texas, Mexico, Italy, Australia and more. They love meeting new people.
4. Extra Snow Shoes: They know you may have left yours behind, so they provide snow shoes to their guests. Good thing, since they have 3 ski hills within 20 minutes and are just an hour and a half from Whistler.
5. Perfect for All Seasons: When winter winds down, their guests sit under a beautiful umbrella on the expansive patio. They also have a lush garden and a bbq available for the perfect backyard meal.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab those long johns. We think a weekend getaway is in order.


Thanks for being stellar,


The AirTeam