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Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their feedback after the launch of our new look. We’ve heard from over 3000 people from the Airbnb community. We’ve heard that our new symbol is attention-grabbing. And most importantly, we’ve heard your feedback, asking us to make improvements in the short-term, and as part of our long-term plans. Your feedback has also helped us quickly find bugs, which are part of any launch. Here are some of the main themes that have emerged from your feedback. We want you to know what we’re doing to start addressing them.

Listing photos

We’ve made the photos on listing pages larger, because they’re important to travelers looking for a place to stay. But you’ve highlighted that the larger format makes small photo files look grainy, including some of the photos taken through our professional photography program. We’ve also heard from you that you want to be able to adjust how an image is cropped. We’re in the process of exploring technology-driven solutions for these challenges, and hope to find one that keeps us from having to sacrifice image size or quality. Additionally, we’ve made some design updates that make it easier for travelers to find and review your collection of photos when they click any of the images on your listing.


We’ve heard that the updated design of your inbox makes it difficult to quickly see which messages are read and which are unread. We’re bringing this feedback to the design team so that they can brainstorm on some creative solutions.

Bugs—the unexpected errors

A big part of building something new is addressing bugs that pop up when your creation is finally getting used. For example, we know that in some instances, message translations weren’t appearing in peoples’ inboxes. We also know that some people had trouble saving changes to their profile information. Since the moment we launched, we’ve been focused on addressing these types of issues.

There’s more to come

We know there are important features and improvements that hosts around the world want us to build. The work that we’ve launched will serve as a necessary foundation for future growth, so that we can continue to improve site speed, offer more robust hosting analytics, and support new hosting tools.

It will take time for us to act on your feedback. And beyond the requests from our community, we’ve imagined even more exciting things to build. So as we tackle new projects, we’ll work to share how we’re prioritizing requests from the community. We’re committed to sharing more information with hosts, so that you know about changes and improvements to Airbnb. Thanks to all of you who have already shared your thoughts.