Have you been eager to welcome younger guests on your experience? You’re in luck! At the end of August, you can allow guests under the age of 18 to participate in your experience by setting a minimum age. This is different from our old policy which only let guests over 18 to come to experiences.

Remember, this option might not be best suited for every host or every experience (for example, if your experience involves drinking), so we encourage you to consider if this is appropriate for younger guests.

That’s not all of the good news we have to share. Coming in September, you’ll be able to host more than one group a day. While this may not be feasible for every host, it will give those of you who have experiences running a few hours a day or those with flexibility to host at different times of the day more opportunities to share your story with your guests.

Once these features are ready we’ll send you an email about how to use them. Stay tuned!