You might have noticed that your inbox has some new improvements. Our goal was to make sure you have reservation, pricing, and guest details right where you need them when you’re exchanging messages with travelers.

Now when you write to travelers, you’ll always see their profile photo, their bio, and their verification details. They’ll see your bio and photo, too.

When you’re answering questions about an inquiry, booking request, or a confirmed booking, you’ll know your reservation status at a glance. At the top of your message thread, you can take action on pending requests and inquiries by pre-approving, declining, or sending a special offer. We’ve also added timestamps on each message in a conversation, so it’s easier to keep track of when they were sent.

Finally, if you look on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a clear price breakdown to reference while trading messages with travelers. This can help you make decisions about requests and special offers without having to leave your inbox.

We’re committed to making hosting easier for you, and we hope you love these changes based on your feedback.