More Chinese travelers are exploring the world than ever before. Chinese travelers took 120 million trips in 2015 and have been the world’s top spenders in international tourism since 2012.  We’ve seen these trends on Airbnb as well. The number of Chinese travelers using Airbnb for trips abroad increased 500% in 2015, making China one of the fastest growing outbound markets for Airbnb. 

When these guests return home, they often want to extend the same hospitality and become Airbnb hosts. As more and more people in China begin using Airbnb as hosts and guests, we’ve been speaking with local community members about home sharing and how Airbnb can deliver real benefits to families and communities. We’ve met with countless community members who are excited about home sharing and earlier this week, we entered into two partnerships with local community organizations:

  • In Beijing, Airbnb and Huashou Community Elderly Services Center, a non profit organization associated with China National Committee on Aging (CNCA) have partnered to educate senior citizens about the economic and social benefits of home sharing. Airbnb will provide education and trainings to seniors and introduce them to information about how the sharing economy can help them improve their quality of life and help them connect with travelers. The Huashou Community Elderly Services Center will help promote the use of Airbnb to their members.
  • In Shenzhen, Airbnb and the City of Shenzhen signed a new Memorandum of Understanding. Shenzhen is well-respected for its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Under the agreement, Airbnb and the City of Shenzen will work together to educate and train the Airbnb community in Shenzhen and encourage entrepreneurship in the city.

The new agreements in China are similar to partnerships we’ve forged with other local leaders around the world:

  • In our hometown of San Francisco, we joined with the San Francisco Travel Association (SFT) to expand the economic impact of tourism to touch new neighborhoods and small businesses in every corner of the City.
  • We’ve worked the City of Amsterdam to provide people who share their homes with clearer and more accessible information on home sharing rules.
  • We joined Ontario’s Finance Minister, Charles Sousa, to announce a pilot partnership between our company and the government to make hosting a bit easier in Ontario.

We’ve seen how amazing experiences and lasting friendships can arise when people from different cultures come together, and we’re honored to support this kind of direct people-to-people diplomacy.

As we move forward, our mission is to create more of these life-changing connections. In China and around the world, we’ll continue to work in partnership with communities and governments to support home sharing and bring real economic benefits to people and communities. We look forward to forging more innovative partnerships in communities around the world and creating a world where anyone can belong anywhere.