On the Trust and Safety team at Airbnb one of our top priorities is protecting our community online. We’re proud of our secure payment and communication platform, which helps protect your Airbnb account from scammers. And we’re always working on new tools to help build trust, like anonymized email addresses, which increases protection of your personal information and gives you more confidence when interacting with people you meet on Airbnb.

Today we’re announcing a new feature to help simplify and strengthen your account security. In your dashboard, you’ll notice a new security tab. This new tab lets you monitor access to your Airbnb account, easily manage your security settings, and will serve as a resource for staying up-to-date on new security features we develop. For now, the security tab contains a few key elements:

  • An easy way to update and manage your Airbnb account password.
  • Login notifications. When you turn on login notifications, we’ll send you an email whenever your account is accessed from a web browser. In these emails, we’ll give you information on the type of Internet browser used to access your account, the time your account was accessed, and where we believe it was accessed from. If you use certain browsers often, you can mark them as trusted. We won’t continue to notify you when your account is accessed from a browser marked as trusted.
  • Login history. This is a list of the most recent logins to your Airbnb account, including the browser/device, time, and location.

Together, these new tools can help you make sure no one is accessing your Airbnb account without your knowledge. If you have questions about these new tools, you can find more in our Help Center. And if you ever have general questions about how to help keep your Airbnb account secure, you can find more here.