Just like in1941, when the first ready-to-eatbreakfast cereal boxes hit store shelves for the first time inAmerica, AirBed&Breakfast had the exciting opportunity to “Sharethe Air” with boxes of breakfast cereal in Providence RI, this pastweekend.


On Saturday October 11, 2008, exactly two months after the officiallaunch of the site, AirBed&Breakfast were meeting and greetingvisitors at the Rhode Island School of Design Alumni Weekend with ObamaO’s and Cap’n McCains.


People of all ages, from all walks of life, varying in backgrounds,locations, as well as political preferences were there. And, just asthe first ideas of breakfast-in-a-box were sold one box at a time, theidea of staying with a local as the new travel alternative was told.












Reported straight from the Air Embassy as the Newsis coming in to me,
AirBed&Breakfast Girl: I’m an AirBed&Breakfast traveler… areyou?