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Joe “Joebot” Zadeh is the VP of Trips, leader for the experience teams, and one of the earliest employees at Airbnb. His mission is to make sure Airbnb becomes a one-stop-shop for travel, and that the trip is easy and magical for the entire family. He wanted to share with the experience host community what’s been going on in the experience world, and what inspires him.

Thank you for being a part of the host experience community. The launch of experiences has been the most significant moment in the company’s history, and we want to share that excitement and celebrate with those who have made it possible–you, our hosts. This special part of our history wouldn’t be successful, or even possible, without you.

The good news is we’re growing. In 2017 alone, we’ve grown more than 12x. Since we launched in 12 cities in November 2016, we now have over 3,000 available experiences in more than 35 cities. We just launched over 30 experiences in Madrid in early September, and look forward to our New York City launch later this month. Around 100,000 guests have booked Airbnb experiences this year alone. You’re delivering quality experiences for our guests and changing the future of travel.

I’m also super excited about updates to the product: You now have the ability to offer multiple instances of an experience in a day, and very soon, you’ll be able to select a minimum age on your experience so that kids can attend when appropriate.

In the next few months, we’ll also be making upgrades to the calendar so it’s easier to manage. You’ll also have the ability to change your price per instance, easier editing access of your experience, more control over photos, and access to easy photo editing tools.

There are 100 Social Impact experiences on Airbnb. These special experiences are hosted by a member or supporter of a non-profit organization. The activities can vary, but Airbnb always waives its fees so that 100% of the booking proceeds go to the non-profit. Since we launched in 2016, almost $500,000 from bookings have gone to these non-profit organizations. Our vision is to foster empathy and raise awareness for inspiring causes across the globe.

On a personal level, one of the Social Impact experiences that’s inspired me is Dave’s “Wolf Encounter” in Seattle. The experience was indeed incredible. When you first see the wolves you are shocked by how large and beautiful these creatures are. However, what made the experience so special for me was the host, Dave, and his story. Through hosting experiences, he’s now able to make ends meet and take care of the sanctuary that has been a labor of love for years, and which was otherwise funded by occasional school assemblies and donation campaigns. Hosting an experience has opened a critical revenue stream for Dave and the well-being of his animals.

Seeing this kind of impact on hosts’ lives is incredibly energizing. In a world of billions of people, it’s hard not to imagine that there are millions of hosts out there with unique, unrecognized passions to share.

We want to thank you for being a wonderful member of our community. With your passion and dedication, we are changing the way people travel together.