Back in June, we introduced a teensy new feature that we were particularly proud of: Wish Lists.

We hoped that you would love Wish Lists as much as we did.

And boy, did you ever.

Since that fateful day, you’ve been Wish Listing like crazy – to the tune of one million hearts. That’s one million listings to dream about, to aspire to, and to love.

We’re delighted that you’re discovering and sharing the range of amazing, unique spaces on Airbnb. Almost half of you are browsing and creating Wish Lists each day. On an average day, more than 25,000 listings are being added to a Wish List – with the average Wish Lister hitting that little heart icon four times a day.

We couldn’t be happier. We’re humbled and honored that Airbnb has gone beyond just being a place to find a beautiful, fulfilling place to stay.

We’re truly a community now that dreams together, plans together, and shares virtually everything. It’s something special.

Let’s make some wishes come true.