Airbnb hosts in Ireland are part of a global community that is making its mark locally, a movement that is changing Ireland. By opening up their homes and welcoming people from around the world, they’re helping to grow an economy – and a culture – of sharing and helping to create a sense of belonging for guests from all around the world.

The Irish Airbnb Open – Airbnb Oscailte – took place on 7th May 2016, where 250 members of the host community gathered in our new office space in Dublin. It was our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our Irish hosts for opening their doors and offering warm welcomes to the thousands of visitors who come to Ireland each year, and a chance for us to listen, engage and support our valued hosts.

Hosts exchanged tips, recommendations and stories with other Airbnb hosts from around Ireland. We wanted to capture some of the highlights of the day and share it with our community.


Hosts had the opportunity to connect with Airbnb’s leaders from across the company, with whom they could share feedback and insights. They were given an exclusive preview of Airbnb Ireland’s new partnership with and also of the Dublin Host Perks Programme – a place for local businesses to share special offers, just for Irish hosts and their guests.


We also announced that Airbnb is a founding board member of ShareIreland, an association of all sharing economy businesses in Ireland. ShareIreland has come together to advocate to government and raise the profile of the sharing economy. We announced that hosts who would like to stay informed and get involved with our efforts can join AirbnbAction Ireland. By signing up today, you can be one of the first hosts to get more information about the launch of our Irish home-sharing club.


We presented our first ever Airbnb Irish Host Awards and here are our 4 winners:

  • ‘Inspirational Host Story’: Paul Flannery and Stephen Breen. “Some of the nicest people you could ever meet: look up ‘above and beyond’ in the dictionary and there will be a photo of these hosts” – Guest review“
  • ‘Ireland’s Unique Listing’: Sarah Quinlan. “This was a rare and extraordinary Dublin experience, and a unique and memorable place to stay in the world. My first experience with Airbnb, and I think it will remain the best ever!” – Guest review
  • ‘Warmest Welcome’: Bernie O’Sullivan. “A warm welcome is for the whole duration of the stay, it is on how you interact and enjoy each other’s company – this makes for a happy home.” – Bernie O’Sullivan
  • ‘Community Champion’: Eugene Burke. “For me, being an Irish host is about being kin, welcoming people as though they’re family, as though they’re home, as though they never left.” – Eugene Burke



Congratulations to all four winners – and many thanks to each one of them for their exceptional hospitality as Irish Airbnb hosts..

It was a really inspiring, energising day and we look forward to meeting more amazing Irish hosts soon!

If you’re not a host yet, you can join our Irish host community