How do you transform a simple structure into a place where you belong? Simply put, what makes a house a home?

In A Place Called Home, created for London Design Festival, four highly acclaimed designers addressed this question with an installation in Trafalgar Square (Exhibition dates: September 18–22, 2014). Starting with four small houses, the designers used the inside surfaces to create their own interpretations of home, with intriguing and surprising results.


The four homes, built amongst the visitors and birds of London’s busiest square, show that with a human touch, you can create a sense of belonging anywhere.

What does “home” mean? The four designers shared their thoughts that served as inspiration for the Trafalgar Square homes:

Ilse Crawford—Home is our emotional heartland

“Home is a frame for life, a place where you can be yourself, behave how you wish and surround yourself with the things you love. It is somewhere to feel free, yet it also holds us together. It is somewhere to refresh, to recharge, and restore balance to our lives. Home is our emotional heartland; it is a primal human need that is rooted deep in our psyches.”


Jasper Morrison—Architecture, furnishings, location & people

“A place with a roof and some walls with windows in which I feel comfortable both mentally and physically due to a combination of factors: quality of light and space (architecture); atmosphere created by its contents (interior furnishings); suitability of surroundings (location); human content (who else is there).”


Raw Edges—The place we long to be back to

“We are nomads; in the past 10 years we have lived in 11 different places. We realized that home is the place we long to be back to when we work or travel too much; to the cozy bed, the comfy sofa, and the familiar fridge, however when we’re finally at home even for slightly too long we are just eager to go out again!”


Patternity—Patterns that shape the world around us

“We wanted to look at ‘home’ in a much wider sense—that being the collective and ever evolving home that we all share: Earth. Our personal perceptions of home are always formed by personal experience and interactions at a certain point in time. There are however fundamental aspects of home that remain infinite and timeless: the patterns that have and always will shape the world around us.”


What does “home” mean to you?