When we launched our new look in the middle of July, it was the beginning of an important shift in how we use community feedback to make product plans. We want to keep the conversation going with Airbnb hosts by sharing our current plans for the coming months. As we began our planning process, we focused on feedback from throughout our community. Hosts shared their input with us directly by responding to surveys and sharing their requests at events and meetups. The Customer Experience team provided observations based on their work with the people they help over the phone and by email. And our Insights team led detailed user studies on features that are still in development. From all of this work, we’ve identified a few areas for us to focus on for the remainder of 2014:

Community recognition

Last year, we previewed a program designed to celebrate and recognize hosts who distinguish themselves in our community. Since then, we’ve done lots of research to find out what, exactly, makes someone a Superhost. In the coming months, we’ll launch a program that recognizes them.

Host success

You’ve told us that you want more information about your performance. And because you want to find new ways to delight your guests, you’ve asked for better hospitality resources and tips. By the end of 2014, we plan to provide you with tools to help you better understand your performance. For any area that needs a boost, you’ll be able to check out new hospitality recommendations that we’ll be distributing throughout the community.

Calendar tools

Your calendar is where the action is. You could spend lots of time there organizing your schedule, and it’s where guests go for the most detailed information about your availability and pricing. So managing your listing calendar should be as easy as managing your personal calendar—and just as intuitive. In the coming months, we’re planning to make some improvements to the way you update your listing calendar so that it’s simpler to manage and designed to help you provide accurate information to travelers looking at your listing.

This is a starting point

We’ve made these plans based on ample research and community feedback that’s been shared with our team. We’ll strive to exceed these goals, while staying agile enough to make adjustments and act on unexpected opportunities to support our community. What’s important to us during those shifts and changes is that we keep you up to date. We’re going to be more consistent in our communication about new features and programs. We hope you’ll find these features and programs helpful for reaching your hosting goals. We’re so excited about what’s ahead.