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It’s summer and even the most seasoned travelers are warding off wanderlust by cruising through the Airbnb Collections but if making the green is what’s holding you back from your vacation dream, we’ve got good news for you.


After a hugely successful closed-beta program that brought 2,107 new members to the Airbnb community through 2,161 existing members (nearly a 1:1 ratio of community goodness), we’re opening the floodgates so everyone in the Airbnb family can earn free travel. That’s right – as if using Airbnb wasn’t fun enough, now we’re letting you earn free trips for the word you’re probably spreading anyway.


Here’s how it works:

  • For each friend you invite to Airbnb that books a trip of $75 or more, you will receive $25 travel credit.
  • For each friend you invite to Airbnb that posts their place and receives a booking, you will receive $75.
  • So, each friend you invite can earn you up to $100 travel credit.
  • Invite friends from Facebook, by email or through the unique referral URL that gives you credit as your referrals sign up through the link.
  • Travel credit stacks up and can be applied all at once to a specific trip. Meaning, if you have $400 in referral credit and you book a place for a total of $450, you only pay $50.
  • We automatically generate a coupon code for your credit, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a pin number or wasting your points – we’ve got you covered.
  • If you want to bank your points for later, simply remove the coupon code until you’re ready to cash in your credits.
  • After you have invited friends, you can track the status of your invites in a table on

With listings in over 14,500 cities in 184 countries, the world is literally your oyster. Plus, you get to travel like a local, meet interesting people and experience unique places all across the globe. Here are a couple of our favorite spaces to put it all in perspective:

  • Want to go to Nairobi and have breakfast with a couple giraffes? Get five friends to sign up!
  • Longing to stroll along the Seine for your own Parisian getaway amid museums, cafes and cathedrals? Give four friends the inside scoop.
  • Need to bask in the legendary Grecian sunset on the island of Santorini? Invite three friends (who may just want to come with you).
  • Dying to live like Tarzan and swing from the trees in Kona? Holla at two friends.
  • Feeling like setting up shop in New York’s finest? Tell a friend about Airbnb.

We can’t wait to hear your tales of trailblazing and to welcome your friends and family to the Airbnb community! Let us know where will you go with your referral points in the comments below.