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Create quick replies for everything from a warm welcome to driving directions.

If you’re feeling a dose of déjà vu whenever you open a message from a guest, you’re not alone. There are some topics experience hosts are asked about again and again, such as directions, nearby recommendations, what to bring, and more. Well, there’s an Airbnb template feature that can help: quick replies.

“I love [quick replies] and use them all the time,” says host Sally of Snoqualmie, Washington. “Templates save me a lot of time—I was able to answer four guest inquiries in less than 10 minutes! [They also] prevent me from forgetting some key bit of information, and allow me the time to create a well-crafted response—one that has been well-proofread, is crystal clear, and, if appropriate, is especially sensitive to our guest’s needs.”

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the quick replies feature.

How to create a quick reply

On the web:

  1. Go to a message thread you have with a guest
  2. Click “Quick replies” in the message box. If you don’t have any quick replies yet, you’ll be prompted to create your first one
  3. Create a title, write your message, and then click “Save”
  4. You can even add variables, called shortcodes, to your messages that automatically fill in details like the guest’s name, directions, and more.
  5. Your saved messages will appear when you click “Quick replies.” Simply choose the message you’d like to send and click “Send message”

On mobile:

Quick replies are not yet supported on mobile for experience hosts, but will be coming in the near future.

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