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In June, we launched new safety and cleaning guidelines for Airbnb Experiences to help hosts prepare for the reopening of in-person experiences. To help support our global community, we’re tracking your questions about the program requirements and answering some of them here. 


What are the new safety and cleaning guidelines for Airbnb Experiences?

To help support you as travel evolves, we’ve created new safety guidelines for person-to-person interaction during experiences and cleaning guidelines to help you prepare your space. These guidelines are meant to help you adapt your experience to protect the health and safety of you and your guests. Hosts of experiences that include any kind of preparation or consumption of food and/or drink are also required to follow food safety guidelines to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19. 

All hosts must review and follow the guidelines. Additionally, all hosts in the United States will need to complete a safety quiz and attest to following the guidelines by July 31 and hosts in all other countries will need to complete it by September 1.


What if I have two experiences in different countries?

Hosts with experiences located in the US should complete the training by July 31.  Hosts with experiences in all other countries should complete by September 1.  If you have an Experience in both the US and another in another country, you should complete the training by July 31 in order to continue hosting.  


My experience is seasonal – can I complete the training later?

Hosts must complete the training by the deadline regardless of seasonality.  


What happens if I don’t complete the training?

All hosts must complete the training by the deadline for their region.  If you do not complete the training, your experience(s) will be paused until you have completed the training and future bookings will be cancelled. 


Does my co-host need to complete the training? 

By completing the attestation and safety quiz, you are agreeing that participants, including you and any co-hosts listed on your experience will abide by the safety and cleaning requirements. This means that you are responsible for sharing all safety and cleaning guidelines with your co-hosts. 


What happens if a co-host is no longer part of my experience?

If a listed co-host is no longer part of your experience, please remove the co-host from your experience. Learn how to remove members from your team.