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Whether you are going hiking in Cape Town, taking a wine tasting class in Paris, or enjoying an intimate concert in New York City, safety should always be top of mind while experiencing a new destination. Though you can’t eliminate all the risk in traveling or going on unique experiences, here are a few tips that can help keep you safe during your next adventure.

Conduct pre-booking research

  • Book with confidence: All Experiences on our platform must meet certain quality and eligibility standards before being offered to guests. Everyone who hosts an Experience on Airbnb must demonstrate high levels of expertise and hospitality.
  • Know your own skill level: Assess your own level of skill before booking the more adventurous experiences on our platform such as motorcycling, rock climbing, or surfing. If you have a question about how much expertise you should have before going on an experience or the level of physical fitness required for the activity, simply ask your host.
  • Research local travel alerts and warnings: Research your destination ahead of time, and check with your local embassy in case there are any travel warnings or special requirements. For example, travelers from the United States should check with the State Department for Visa information and travel warnings.

Prepare for your Experience

  • Get to know your host through reviews: Guests have a global community to rely on. If you are curious what previous guests have thought about a host or experience, check the reviews. Only people who have taken an experience can leave a review so the feedback should reflect the actual experience.
  • Know what to bring: Your host may provide information regarding what they will provide on an experience and what you should bring. Check out your host’s experience description to see if you should bring items like extra towels, sunscreen, or snacks or if your host will provide them for you!
  • Have a question? Ask your host: You can use the secure on-platform messaging tool to reach out to your host and ask any questions you might have. It’s great way for both sides to ask each other questions and to set clear expectations.

Know your protections

  • Avoiding Scams: Fake or misrepresented users and experiences have no place in our community, and we deploy a multi-layer defense strategy to help ensure that these kind of scams are rare. You’ll be best protected if you stay on our secure Airbnb platform throughout the entire process — from communication, to booking, to payment.
  • Things not going as expected?  In the rare event that any issue should arise, Airbnb’s global Customer Service and Trust and Safety teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 11 different languages to help make things right with rebooking assistance, as well as refunds, reimbursements, and insurance programs.

With some planning, research, and a lot of communication, you can feel confident about your upcoming experience.