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Keep your guests safe, informed, and most of all satisfied with these tips from our Trust and Safety team.

Whether you are hosting a cycling tour in Lisbon, a perfume making class in Seoul, or a surfing experience in Malibu, the safety of your guests should always be top of mind. Though you can’t eliminate all of the risk involved in traveling or hosting Experiences, consider the following safety tips that can help set you and your guests up for success.

Prepare effectively

  • Set clear expectations: Give your guests a clear picture of what they should expect when booking your Experience. For example, will guests be engaging in prolonged physical activity such as a long hike or swim? Additionally, it is important to let your guests know where your experience is located and the significance of each stop. This information can help them feel safe and prepared when booking and upon arrival.
  • Keep your Experience description up to date: Your Experience description allows guests to make informed decisions about whether your activity is right for them. This is a great space for you to communicate the level of expertise a guest may need to have for a certain activity, what type of equipment you will provide, and what your guests should bring.
  • Leverage our host resources: Consider attending a workshop for new hosts which include tips and resources for becoming a successful experience host and cover topics such as safety, quality and hospitality. We also have an Experience Resource Center which contains tools and information for successful hosting.

Design your experience for safety

  • Manage unexpected cancellations: No penalties will be applied if you need to cancel an experience during an emergency, because of a safety concern, or because of weather related issues. See the Experience Host Cancellation Policy for more information.
  • Get to know your guests: You can use the secure on-platform messaging tool to get to know your guests before your experience begins. It’s there for both sides to ask each other questions and to set clear expectations.
  • Host responsibly: All hosts are required to certify they are in compliance with local laws. We publish responsible hosting resources that can help you learn about your local laws and regulations

Know your protections

  • Avoiding Scams: Fake or misrepresented users and experiences have no place in our community, and we deploy a multi-layer defense strategy to help ensure that these kind of scams are rare. You’ll be best protected if you stay on our secure Airbnb platform throughout the entire process — from communication, to booking, to payment.
  • Protect your experience: Our $1 Million Experience Protection Insurance provides coverage to hosts, which is primary liability insurance coverage for Experience Hosts’ liability to a third party in the event a guest or other third-party suffers bodily injury or property damage during an experience. The coverage provided is up to $1 million USD. Coverage eligibility depends on the type of experience you are hosting.
  • Things not going as expected?: In the rare event that any issue should arise, Airbnb’s global Customer Service and Trust and Safety teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 11 different languages to help make things right with rebooking assistance, as well as refunds, reimbursements, and insurance programs.

With some planning, research, and a lot of communication, you and your guests can feel confident that your experience will go smoothly.