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Before you can schedule an online experience, you need to activate your Zoom account for Airbnb. Once you accept the Zoom invite in your email, you can start adding availability to your calendar.

Scheduling an online experience is the same as scheduling an in-person experience—all you need to do is go to your calendar and add dates and times. Every time you schedule an instance, Airbnb will automatically create a random, password-protected Zoom link for that instance and share it with you and guests who book.

That Zoom link will only be created after an instance gets booked and will be customized for that specific date and time. In other words, if you schedule an experience for Friday at 9:00 AM and Friday at 3:00 PM, the link for guests who book in the morning will be different than the link provided to guests who book in the afternoon.

Once a unique link is created, Airbnb will share it with you and guests who book.

  • Hosts can find the link for each instance on the calendar, in the confirmation email sent each time a guest books, and in the reminder email sent prior to each instance
  • Guests will receive the link in a confirmation email once they book and in the reminder email sent prior to the online experience

Host vs guest links

In addition to each instance having a unique link, the link you use as a host will be different than the link guests use to join your experience. To join the experience as the host, select the “Start hosting” button on the calendar or in your confirmation or reminder emails. This will automatically log you into the Zoom meeting as the host, and give you access to all the default host settings and features, as well as the preferences you set when setting up your Zoom account. 

While your calendar and emails will also include the guest link, please do not use it to join your experience. Only use it to share with guests if they’re not able to find the link in their emails. Since the password is already built into their link, guests will not need to enter it to join your experience—they can simply click and link, and should automatically be let into the Zoom meeting. If they’re having trouble joining and being asked for the password, you can then provide it and see if that resolves the issue.


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