Where, oh where in the world do you want to spend Valentine’s Day? Well, it seems that the answer may depend on another question: Are you spoken for? Or are you solo and loving it? Maybe you prefer to boycott the holiday altogether?

Whether sharing this day with someone special or not, our community seems to agree on one thing: it’s not about the gifts or heart-shaped candies. It’s about creating experiences. And there seem to be some interesting trends around where couples and singles choose to go on February 14th each year.

Most couples find romance in: PARIS

Ooh la la, mon amour. Couples are actually twice as likely (over singles) to travel to Paris around Valentine’s Day. And it’s easy to see why. Charming cobblestone streets, the scent of freshly baked bread that leads to a delightful boulangerie, getting to explore the bridges and tunnels and monuments of Paris à Deux: all the hype around this city as the most romantic place in the world is more than warranted. 


Most singles celebrate independence in: NEW YORK CITY

Think about it: where else in the world will you find such a melting pot of successful, independent, interesting strangers from all over the world? (And mingling in such close quarters!) NYC is at the top of that list any day of the year. And with amazing restaurants, culture, and bars brimming with like-minded, untethered revelers, there’s really no better place to feel empowered with options as a single person.VDay-Blog-Stats-AL-01

The up-and-comer for romance: AMSTERDAM

In the last five years, Amsterdam has grown significantly in popularity around Valentine’s Day, which made it worth noting. Couples are increasingly booking a romantic holiday in the charming Dutch city. So if Paris feels too obvious, maybe biking along the canals could be your cup of tea?

VDayBlog-Stat1-AL-01The most popular cities to travel to in each region:

Europe: Paris
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North America: New York City
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South America: Rio De Janeiro
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Asia: Tokyo
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