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Social Impact experiences are an opportunity for guests to be immersed in the subject matter of your organization’s mission or cause. They can go beyond the information you might typically include in your organization’s pamphlets or website.

This was certainly true for Jack, host of Cruise through queer history in San Francisco, and Executive Director of TurnOut, a nonprofit that connects volunteers with LGBTQ+ causes:

“We had been thinking of doing a queer history tour as a fundraiser down the line, but [Airbnb experiences] presented an opportunity for [TurnOut] that we didn’t want to pass up. We started our tour as a way to raise awareness of our organization, get more people involved in our work, and raise funds to support our work.”

When designing your experience, keep in mind that the planning in the beginning is likely the most time-consuming part:

“If you’re doing it as a fundraiser, it makes sense to put time into creating something good at the front end, and then you can just execute it over and over again. It took me months to put the tour together, but now I just do it for three hours a weekend and it brings in funding—the prep work was the most time consuming part.”

It’s also helpful to remain open to experimenting and learning from guest feedback, so that your experience can improve over time:

“Originally the tour was five hours long with a stop at a bar in the middle. I didn’t want to sacrifice the stories I felt were most important and that made the tour very long. Ultimately, I removed the bar in the middle, found ways to shorten the bike route (rearranged some stops), and shortened some parts of the script. Now it’s three hours, which is much more manageable. I also reduced the price from $65 to $45, since most people have to pay for renting a bike at a local shop as well.”