Hosts in Montreal have been welcoming guests into their homes since early 2009. Over the past five years, Montreal residents have formed a vibrant Airbnb community, sharing unique experiences with travelers from around the world. Montreal has grown into Airbnb’s largest destination in Canada, due in large part to the hospitality of local Montreal residents, and the rich Quebecois culture.

In 2014, Airbnb undertook analysis to understand the social impacts of it’s community in Montreal.

For an overview of Airbnb’s community in Montreal, see Airbnb’s positive impact in Montreal.

Diverse communities around the world are already seeing the personal social benefits of the sharing economy. These peer-to-peer transactions build community, foster cultural exchange, and strengthen empathy and understanding.


“To date we have only had great experiences with Airbnb. The people are friendly and we seem to have an open door to the world. We’ve had visitors from Japan, Australia, across Europe and America. It’s a really interesting experience and as Airbnb makes it possible. Our two teenagers help us clean, so they get some work experience at the same time.”
– Montreal Airbnb Host

“Being an Airbnb host allows me to live and work as a musician and coordinator with local non-profit organizations without worrying about or having to do a “9-5” type of job. The income gives me some financial security, which allows me to invest in my community.”
-Montreal Airbnb Host


The data above reflects travel to Montreal between April 2013 and March 2014

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