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You may be used to using Facebook in your personal life, but it’s also a great platform for promoting your experience. Having a business page is a great step to take, and you can use your personal page as a marketing tool as well.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Be consistent. Starting with at least one post a week is a great way to stay on your followers’ minds without overwhelming them.

Make your posts public. To allow people beyond your network to see your posts, be sure to set your posts about your experience to “public.”

Use images. Always try to include an image or video when you post on Facebook. Having people in your photos will get your posts more attention; just make sure to ask for permission before uploading a photo of someone.

Create an experience album. This makes it easy for potential guests to see what you offer and get a feel for you. Whenever you take a good photo, add it and your album will grow over time. To help people book easily, include a link to your experience in the album description.

Get your guests involved. You don’t have to take all the photos of your experience yourself. Invite guests to snap their own pictures and ask them to tag you when they post them. Then you can reshare their photo on your own account, building your gallery while also building connections.

Use Facebook Events to help you get the word out. Besides posting on your Facebook timeline, consider creating a Facebook event for your experience. This allows you to publicize your experience to friends, supporters, and even to their networks.

As long as you have a Facebook account, it is very easy to create a recurring Facebook Event. Here is an example from a Social Impact Host in San Francisco.

Not only will you keep your followers up to date on your upcoming events, you will also be able to link directly to your Experience page so tickets can be purchased directly. Consider this a new marketing tool to drive bookings!

Here are the steps to creating an event via your Facebook fan page:

  1. Click “Create an Event” at the top of your page’s timeline.
  2. Add an event video and photo, then enter your event’s name, location, and frequency (such as once, weekly, or recurring event).
  3. Click “Publish.” You can also click and select “Save Draft” or “Schedule” to save a draft of your event or select a date and time in the future that you want your event to publish.
  4. Keep in mind that all events hosted by pages are public.

Need some inspiration? Here’s how some experience hosts are using Facebook to promote their experiences:

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