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Hosts tell us that they see more success and engagement from posting on Instagram than on any other social media platform. Instagram is a place people go for inspiration and it’s great for promotion since it provides the opportunity to be visually creative while connecting with like-minded people and potential guests.

A beautiful and engaging Instagram presence is far more important than a website for many fields.

—Stephanie, host of #Foodporn in Los Angeles

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Add a link in your bio. A pro tip is to put a link to your Airbnb experience in your Instagram bio, which is the only place you can include an outbound link. In the captions to your posts, let people know to look there to find the link.

Be creative with your images. It won’t take long searching on Instagram to find inspirational photos that give you ideas on how you could post. Try experimenting with different photo angles and filters, and have fun thinking up ways to provide context on what your experience is like. Having people in the photos you post is especially good, but make sure to ask for permission from before publishing them.

I try to mix my [Instagram] profile up with photos of my latest artwork as well as the journey—I really just want to inspire others to see the infinite potential within themselves.

—Travis, host of Find zen balancing rocks in San Francisco

Try video. Consider taking a video while on your experience to give your followers an immersive look. As with photos, ask for permission from the people in them before you upload them to social media.

Create a carousel. Instagram lets you add up to 10 photos or videos to a single post, which can be a great way of telling a story or highlighting the many different aspects of your experience.

Play with Boomerang. This separate app integrates seamlessly with Instagram and creates captivating mini videos that loop back and forth with a fast-forward-rewind effect.

Build up your following. You can organically build up your followers by following like-minded people and organizations related to your passion. Engage with them by liking and commenting on their posts and tagging them in yours, if it makes sense. Remember that building a following takes time. Consistency is key, so consider spending a few minutes every day interacting and engaging.

I started doing Instagram when I started my restaurant. I just kept my daily record for three years. I am very happy to have a lot of foreign friends [followers].

—Yang, host of Homestyle Seoul Cooking 101 in Seoul

Include location tags. Location tags are a perfect way for people to geographically find your experience. Tagging a location also adds your content to the greater collection of content for that place, which helps people find you. For example, if your experience is on a sailboat in San Francisco, you might use location tags like #SanFrancisco, #California, #BayArea, #SF, or #BayArea

Make scheduling easier for guests. It’s helpful to note special details, such as upcoming dates and availability in your comments so your audience can tell how timely your posts are and if your experience fits their plans.

Share with Airbnb. Consider tagging @Airbnb and using the hashtag #AirbnbExperiences to make your posts more discoverable and help guide people to your experience.

Need some inspiration? Here’s how some experience hosts are using Instagram to promote their experiences:

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