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Twitter is known for instant, open conversation. It’s simple to use and, over time, it can help you reach new guests and appeal to industry influencers. That’s why it’s important to start off knowing that Twitter is less about trying to directly promote your experience and more about building connections, sharing interesting content, and having fun. Use Twitter to build up relationships so that when you do tweet about your experience, you have an audience that’s ready to engage with you.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Include links and photos. Pictures get attention. If you insert your Airbnb experience link in a post, images from your experience will automatically pop up. You can also add up to four photos per post.

Reach people with hashtags. When people search Twitter for things to do, these can help them find you. Twitter’s character limit is low, so be strategic about how many you use. Focus on keywords that people will most likely search, and always include your city. For example, if your experience is about kayaking in Seattle, you might use hashtags like #Kayaking, #Seattle, and #Boating.

Look for trending hashtags. At any moment you can see Twitter’s top 10 trending hashtags. If one of them is relevant to your experiences, #foodtravelchat for example, adding something to the conversation is a great way to boost the reach of your post.

Tag relevant organizations and people. Tagging certain individuals or companies will alert them about your tweet. Are there local organizations or like-minded individuals that would benefit from seeing your post, and might help spread the word about your experience? For example, if you have a food experience, perhaps the local farmers market, food organizations, or food bloggers? The best way to do this is by building long-term relationships with these organizations first by engaging with their content.

Share with Airbnb. Consider tagging @Airbnb or using #AirbnbExperiences to make your posts more discoverable and help guide people to your experience. We can’t wait to see how you showcase your experience!

Need some inspiration? Here’s how some experience hosts are using Twitter to promote their experiences:

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