You’ve created your experience, now you want to let people know about it. Here are some ways to start spreading the word to potential guests:

Tap existing connections.

You can start close to home—your friends and family may be willing to share your experience with their networks. Then look for other social connections you might have. Thomas and Jessie come from Australia and host Hollywood Sign Walk to the Top! in Los Angeles. They were already members of a Facebook group for Australians in LA, so they posted in the group about their experience for other members to see.

Find affiliated groups.

Look for groups that are already interested in topics related to your experience. They could be focused on a niche interest or on something broad like general travel. And they don’t need to be huge—the key is to find the groups that surround the theme of your experience yet are still local. If you have a beer tasting experience in London, for example, you could look for a Facebook group for beer lovers in the city.

Be genuine and consider offering an incentive.

When you find interest groups that align with your experience, try to approach them carefully. If you host a cooking class and join a local forum for cooking enthusiasts, for example, try to add to the community rather than only plugging your experience and leaving, which can be seen as “spam”. Ways to engage and build goodwill include contributing to ongoing conversations, asking for advice about your experience, and offering members of the group a discount or a special perk when they book.

Pitch news stories.

Local news sites, papers, and podcasts might think your experience is an interesting travel or business story to cover, especially if they haven’t written about experiences before or you can propose a new angle or share an interesting backstory.

Other outlets and blogs that focus on niche topics like music, food, or sports might also be interested if your experience matches the subjects they cover. Even a small neighborhood site is worth pitching—once the article is up, it will increase your online presence, giving anyone who searches for information on your experience something to read.