Today we are excited to share a preview of Airbnb for Apple TV. We designed this app to help you discover the best of Airbnb. When you’re dreaming about your next trip, you can use this app with your family and friends to find the perfect place, and start building your wishlist.

We designed Airbnb for Apple TV because we think travel is best when it’s shared. This format is perfect for inspiring your next adventure together. Every aspect of this app is designed to emphasize the elements that are right for the beginning of your journey. You won’t find long passages of text or logistical details; instead it’s optimized for immersive photos and the fun of discovery.Apollo_Family_ListingLike our apps for the phone, tablet, and Apple Watch, Airbnb for Apple TV is custom-tailored to the device. You can use the new touch remote to smoothly swipe between homes. When you’ve found a gem, press Play to save it to your family list, synced with your iPhone and iPad.

When the new Apple TV is available, we’ll be there. In the meantime, check our engineering and design blogs over the coming days for more insights into development process for this platform.

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