Airbnb is a company that was founded on major events. The first ever Airbnb guests were traveling to San Francisco to attend a design conference. The Democratic National Conference in 2008 was a key moment in growing the Airbnb community. And a trip to SXSW in Austin inspired the founders to build tools and features that have become the backbone of our product today.

Next month, one of the world’s biggest extravaganzas will be coming to Airbnb’s home region when the Bay Area hosts Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Although the event is still several weeks away, we pulled the numbers to take a sneak peek at how the Airbnb community is preparing.

  • Demand is extremely high. Searches on Airbnb for Super Bowl accommodations in the Bay Area have spiked 2.25x above normal. And demand thus far is roughly three times higher than for Super Bowl 2015.
  • Among the playoff teams, the biggest spikes in Super Bowl bookings so far have come people traveling from Phoenix, Denver, and Charlotte. It looks like Cardinals, Broncos, and Panthers fans have all been feeling optimistic about their team’s chances of reaching the title game.
  • There are still over 6,000 listings available in the Super Bowl, including over 1,000 in San Jose, and roughly 80 listings that are walking distance from Levi’s Stadium.
  • Thus far, bookings in San Jose and Santa Clara have been for roughly $220 per night. The median price for listings still available in San Jose is $360 per night. Listings in Santa Clara are more expensive, but a quarter of the listings still available are less than $360 per night.