It’s been a year since we launched the Superhost program, and we’ve recognized over 85,000 people around the world who have received Superhost status for providing extraordinary hospitality. As we celebrate the program’s first anniversary we asked 5 Superhosts to tell us how they continue to support and delight their guests.


Vonnie and Ray in Sydney, Australia

Let’s start with Vonnie and Ray, who welcome their guests onto their garden balcony so they can sit together among the ferns and enjoy a refreshing glass of wine.


They chose to extend plans to sell their home in order to accommodate a booking they had confirmed months in advance. They didn’t want to have to cancel, because they created a connection with the guests during the booking process.


SH-Anniversary-Assets-20 Commitment
Superhosts don’t cancel confirmed reservations unless there are
extenuating circumstances.



Bianca in Lengkong Tiga, Singapore

While Vonnie and Ray make sure to honor each booking, Bianca focuses on her inbox. When Bianca gets a booking inquiry on her phone, she replies quickly to confirm the reservation. She also sends an email to each of her guests the day before they arrive, highlighting key points from her house manual.


SH-Anniversary-Assets-20 High Response Rate
Being responsive shows guests they have support. Superhosts maintain a 90%
response rate or higher by responding to guests quickly.



Bianca cleans her listing with her housekeeper so they can each focus on certain tasks. Belinda dusts and vacuums, while Bianca does the bathroom. She cleans the shower, polishes the mirror, and uses a little robot named Hobot to clean the windows.


She took extra care to help a group of guests check in, because they didn’t share a native language. She showed them around her listing so they could feel confident and excited as they got settled in.


On the day each guest departs, she leaves a note to thank them for staying at her listing.


Dora in Rome, Italy

Bianca tries to get more bookings by encouraging her guests to return, but Dora chats with fellow hosts about attracting guests for the first time. At Airbnb meetups, she enjoys meeting other hosts and sharing challenges, solutions, and ideas. She stays in touch with the hosts she meets so they can support and advise each other.


Almost every week she does a calendar check to make sure her availability is accurate and to see if her prices reflect the travel trends in Rome.


Dora’s guests appreciate her motherly, nurturing hosting style—they tell her that she makes them feel at home, and she enjoys feeding her curiosity and meeting new people. She lets her guests decide if they want to enjoy their privacy or join her and her friends for meals and conversation. Her guests show their appreciation with frequent 5-star reviews.


SH-Anniversary-Assets-21 5-Star Reviews
Superhosts provide listings that inspire enthusiastic reviews.
At least 80% of their reviews are 5 stars.



Troy in Pequea, Pennsylvania, United States

Like Bianca, Troy enjoys connecting with fellow hosts. At the inaugural Airbnb Open in San Francisco, he met hosts from all over the world.

He always keeps the room ready for his next guests by keeping extra clean sheets handy at all times. He uses his phone and tablet to check for reservation requests so that he can host frequently and build on his experience.


SH-Anniversary-Assets-20 Hosting Experience
Superhosts develop their hospitality style by welcoming guests frequently.
They’ve hosted at least 10 trips in the last year.



Troy’s guests are treated to a truly memorable stay; he has 6 goats, chickens, and peacocks on his property. He also has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird.


Congratulations to everyone who has been a Superhost!

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