Hurricane Sandy, which is heading towards the US Eastern Seaboard, could profoundly disrupt travel plans over the next few days. Our primary concern is for the safety of those in affected communities.

If you’re hosting or traveling in an affected area, please contact your guest or host as soon as possible. Should you need to alter or cancel your reservation, log in to your current trips page. If you find yourself stranded, you can avail yourself of Airbnb’s Match feature to find a place to stay immediately.

We are currently experiencing extremely high call and email volume. Please use the Airbnb website to manage your reservations where possible. Refunds under our Extenuating Circumstances policy may take several days to process.

Any hosts that cancel a reservation owing to the hurricane will have cancellation penalties dismissed. Just contact with your reservation code and request a neutral cancellation.

Want to help?

If you’d like to host a stranded traveler, please update your calendar and verify your contact information so those in need can find and contact you.

For bookings made during this time, Airbnb will waive all hosting fees. We kindly request that you lower your nightly rate as much as possible. Thank you for being part of the solution

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Stay safe.