Around the world, we’re working with policy makers to make tax simpler and more straightforward for our community. Today, we’re launching a new partnership with to help Airbnb hosts in Ireland file their tax returns and pay income taxes on the money they earn by occasionally sharing their space.

Under the new partnership, will provide a 10 percent discount on tax preparation services for Airbnb hosts in Ireland. The offer is available to those who use the service in-person between May 7, 2016 and December 31, 2016. will also:

  • Feature specially designed tax guidance for home sharers on the website
  • Help educate hosts on their tax obligations with easy-to-understand resources.

Barry Flanagan of said:

“This is an exciting development for us at Taxback – Airbnb are an innovative and rapidly expanding company so we are enthused at the prospect of working with a company that has the same drive and ethos as our own.

“The partnership was really a natural progression for us – coming on the back of confusion last year as to the tax responsibilities of hosts. In response to this we streamlined our process to make it as easy as possible for people to fulfil their tax duties, but we also coupled this with an opportunity for people to find out whether conversely they were owed something from Revenue – our average PAYE refund for someone with no prior claims comes in at approx €880 and so some hosts may actually be able to offset any tax due with the amount they receive in refunds.”

We know Airbnb helps support families across Ireland, and this new partnership will make it easier for Airbnb hosts to pay their taxes.  It’s also part of our ongoing work to support hosts and make communities stronger and more sustainable.

Hosts can begin by visiting to learn more information about how to get personal tax advice.

Hosts interested in scheduling an appointment with can visit  

Note: Airbnb’s presentation of is not an endorsement. Tax advice is complicated and you should do your own diligence when receiving advice. Airbnb is not responsible for any tax or other advice provided by any outside entity.   

For further information on tax, read our Responsible Hosting Page.