Late-night legend Conan O’Brien is always looking out for a little “extra casharooni.” So in early September, he listed his 25,000-sq-ft Burbank studio on Airbnb. The lucky winners of a fan vote would get to stay on his infamous set for three very interesting nights.

When three “hot, sixtysomething” retirees won the polling, they had no idea what they were in for. Conan’s team taught them – and us – a little something about what it means to be a truly special Airbnb host.

Lesson 1: Choose a fair price

Conan got attention from the masses for the incredible deal on offer – $1 a night. (OK, so having his own show may have helped with the publicity.) Give people a bargain and they’ll flock to you!

Lesson 2: Pick your guests well

Team Coco certainly did due diligence in picking out the winners. They narrowed a field of thousands to four semifinalists, all of whom had to establish a rapport with Conan’s audience. It’s important that you feel comfortable with prospective visitors. Open, honest communication – along with an American Idol-style vote – is the way to go.

Lesson 3: Be consummately hospitable

When you invite someone into your home, treating them like a warmly valued guest – rather than a customer – changes their world. They’ll not only feel comfortable and grateful, but they’ll likely return the favor by sharing stories and even giving you gifts. Of course, Conan takes the “warm welcome” thing a little too far…

Lesson 4: Keep your guests comfortable

Frozen margaritas, no salt? No problem! Going the extra mile to make sure your guests are happy and get a good night’s sleep will keep the great reviews – and revenue – flowing in. Even if they do wake with nightmares of sleeping on a talk-show set. On basic cable, no less.

Lesson 5: Provide entertainment

Sometimes, a good night’s sleep isn’t enough. That’s where you come in. Who better than you, the local expert, to provide the authentic experience for your guests? It’s even better if the authentic experience includes Bob Saget reading dirty limericks.

Lesson 6: Umm…

OK, there is no lesson six. In fact, we’d prefer you just ignored everything that Conan does in this episode. Especially the Mr. Peanut + Horse bit. That’s just bizarre.

Want to be a Grade A host like Conan? Then list your place on Airbnb! It may not include a visit from Fabio, but we’re sure it has a unique charm all its own.