You, your car, and an open road of possibilities. No tickets to buy, no bags to check, no flight times to plan around. These are the reasons that a road trip is the ultimate form of travel freedom. (These, along with a healthy dose of nostalgia, of course.)

Airbnb recently partnered with Tesla to bring charging stations to select hosts’ homes along the West Coast. As the first installment of a larger global partnership, we are working toward building a world with no limits to how far you can go while driving an electric car. We also love any good reason to explore the open road and put this travel freedom to the test.

So we planned the perfect West Coast road trip for two of our amazing Superhosts, Lia and Garry of Pasadena, California.Tesla_Roadtrip_California_Elliott_20150519_1181

Having never experienced a Tesla before, the couple was thrilled to experience this modern, sustainable version of the iconic West Coast road trip. Almost as exciting: the chance for these two to meet fellow hosts along the way.

The trip took Lia and Garry from the Tesla showroom in Burlingame through Healdsburg wine country and to the Redwoods of Big Sur. From there, they headed down to the artichoke farms of Gilroy and up to the dreamy Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. Along their three day journey, Lia and Garry stopped at scenic overlooks in San Francisco, at local farmers’ markets and burger bars and diners. They marveled at wildlife and farm life and urban landscapes they’d never stopped to appreciate before. And each night, they stayed in incredible hosts’ homes, most equipped with built-in Tesla charging stations to charge their car overnight and prepare it for the journey ahead.Tesla-Roadtrip-California_Elliott150520_1899

“Both of us have lived in California since we were four years old,” Lia explained. “But it was a great experience to be in touch with some of the beauty of California. And the hosts that we met along the way were just remarkable.”

In Healdsburg, Lia and Garry were able to cook their own pizza in the outdoor wood-burning stove—a first for the couple. They also got to enjoy wine produced right there on the property by their hosts, Donna and Eddie. In the morning, Donna and Eddie invited them for breakfast together overlooking the vineyards which produced the grapes that made their wines.  (A true Healdsburg experience!)


After breakfast, they said their goodbyes and head off to Sofanya’s “Jewel in the Forest” cottage between Carmel and Big Sur. Sofanya, an artist, showed Lia and Garry her own handcrafted healing collection of art and enjoyed a home-cooked dinner. They swapped life stories and bonded over the unique architecture and creative soul of the home.



Finally, on the last day of the road trip, Lia and Garry made their way to Hollywood Hills where host Christian invited them to a private happy hour on his property overlooking the breathtaking panoramic views of Los Angeles. It was a side of their home city that the couple had never experienced.


“It’s been a lovely, lovely trip,” Garry added. “And we’ve seen some fabulous places and met some really fine hosts. Really nice people. It’s been a great way to really experience California.”

Check out the highlights of Garry and Lia’s journey along the coast. And to learn more about the partnership between Tesla and Airbnb and our future road trips, head over here.