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Feeling nervous about running your first experience? We get it! Many new hosts feel this way. Practicing hosting a new experience with friends and family can help calm nerves and set yourself up for success. Consider gathering a group of people you trust and holding a test run of your experience. The following checklist may help you prepare for a successful first practice experience.

1-2 days before

▢ Send a reminder to your guests. Consider including the specific meeting point, arrival time, and let your guests know how to reach you in case of an emergency.

▢ Check the weather.

▢ Check in with venues.

▢ Consider your guest’s entire journey and create an agenda, including a rough timeline.

▢ Create a list of supplies, materials, and equipment you’ll need.

Be authentic, anticipate needs, create a safe/open environment, and think through the eyes of a traveler. -Melanie, host of Meditate at the Beach in Los Angeles, California

Day of your practice experience

Prepare the space(s)

▢ Tidy up and set the scene.

▢ Be ready for early arrivals.

▢ Gather materials/supplies needed.

▢ Review your guest list––you may want to think about how you’ll personalize moments in the experience for your guests.

▢ Have your agenda and simple talking-points to consult.

▢ Before guests arrive, take a moment for YOU. Center yourself with deep breaths and remind yourself why you’re excited to host this experience.

The way you handle guest communications plays a huge role in the success of your Airbnb Experience. – David, host of Discover Portland’s Hoyt Arboretum! in Portland, Oregon

Interacting with your first guests

▢ Remember to smile and greet your guests by name!

▢ Ask each guest to introduce themselves.

▢ Give an overview of your story as their host.

▢ Set the agenda and expectations: you can let them know this is your first time hosting so you appreciate their patience and welcome honest feedback.

▢ Take photos! Capture candid pictures of you and your guests for your social media accounts and experience listing. 

▢ At the end of your time together, consider asking guests to describe their favorite moments from your experience and share any opportunities for improvement.

Have fun and try to enjoy having a beginner’s mindset: in the beginner’s mind, the possibilities are endless. Since you’re new to experiences, and your guests are likely new to what you’re sharing, embrace the magic that might happen on this adventure!