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All great entrepreneurs are nimble, open to learning from the detours their endeavors have taken. A creative entrepreneur will continually adjust their tactics, and this often helps them meet the needs of their market.

We’ve noticed many well-reviewed hosts have a similar mindset and are always learning from other hosts and their guests. These hosts regularly update their experience listing with tweaks that help encourage more bookings. We’ve gathered ten questions to help you as you consider refreshing your experience. Remember, these are just suggestions; your listing details are always entirely up to you to experiment with as you wish!

A great title can pull your guests from a search into your listing. It can also activate something special in the reader!

◯ Does my title start with an action verb, inspiring potential guests to take action?
◯ Is my title unique, unlike similar experiences on Airbnb and other websites?

A descriptive bio can separate you from other hosts and encourage guests to want to meet you. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself when reviewing the ‘About your host’ section:

◯ Does my bio ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’? Do I explain why I’m an expert or uniquely positioned to be a host?
◯ Does my ‘About me’ section use real-life events to draw the reader into my background?

Many successful hosts spend time honing how they describe their experience in the ‘What we’ll do’ section.

◯ Do I allow guests to tap into their imagination by describing concrete details about what they might see, touch, hear or taste?
◯ Do I consider the top questions my guests might have, and answer them in my description?
◯ Have I incorporated past guests’ favorite elements (found in my positive reviews) into my description? 

Being available to last-minute bookers and guests planning well in advance has shown to help hosts have higher booking rates. Ask yourself,

◯ Do I offer dates 3 months out, allowing guests to plan for a future trip?
◯ Am I testing multiple dates at different times of date and days of the week?
◯ Do I allow last-minute guests to book by adjusting my cut-off times?  

Remember, these are prompts to get you thinking about how you might update your experience for success. Your experience listing is always in your hands. 

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We’d love to hear more about how you are making your experiences successful in your market; fill out this survey, and we may quote you in a future article!