Today marks a big day for the Community Team as we announce and welcome six amazing Community Coordinators in the US! Representing New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Portland, and Austin, these folks are local hosts ready to educate and support our community. They will also organize fun social events for all of our users so that we can get to know one another and share experiences, knowledge, and stories. 

So if you’ve got questions about anything from how to make your listing more attractive to what the most unique aspects are of your cities, these are people to call upon.

Check out the new roster!

Austin: Jade Whitham 


Hailing from the top o’ Texas but having lived as far as the west coast and the UK, Jade is the ultimate lady on the move.  She considers herself a “Jane-of-all-trades, master of everything.” Having previously worked as a journalist, professional chef, and most recently, a SuperHost!  Jade’s biggest love is her husband Oliver, but a not-too-far second is travel, which eventually led her to Airbnb.  She now lives and works in Austin with Oli, Tina Turner (the dog), and a constantly rotating population of Airbnb guests.

Chicago: Drew Noble


Drew grew up on both coasts, but in the end has a special love of Chicago where she plans to stay for a while. She has a degree in hospitality management from California State University, Long Beach, and a BFA from The School of Art Institute. Recently, she has discovered that she doesn’t have to do any dishes if she just eats hummus, veggies, and grapes every day. She also has a love of travel and says that her next stop is Thailand. 

Los Angeles: Alina Myklebust


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alina grew up in a multi-cultural and diverse community. Craving adventure she left home to attend school at UC Santa Cruz where she studied languages and politics before living abroad in Europe.  She speaks 5 languages and has lived in several different countries before returning from whence she came—The City of Angels.  She is now married and is the consummate Airbnb Hostess.

New York: Sheila Karaszewski


Originally from Detroit, Sheila has been residing in New York City for 3 years and describes herself as “completely in love (with it).” She’s been described as curious, obsessed with everything Italian, addicted to travel, geeked-out over technology and design, and passionate about food, eating, and cooking. She hopes and wishes that others are also taking pleasure in the “simple things.” Currently she’s having a great time running half marathons, learning to surf, and becoming Airbnb’s NYC Community Coordinator!

Portland: Sam Brier


Sam is a Portlander with a Houston cell phone number, the perfect Vietnamese coffee formula, and an addiction to 80’s rock. He has lived in Asia most of his adult life and started a travel business to enable others to share his love of the continent. He has seen a ghost, dreamt the future, and is crazy about his kiddo, Dash. 

Washington D.C.: Beandrea Davis


Beandrea started Airbnb hosting in 2009 when she lived in downtown Oakland above a dance studio. She now lives in Washington, DC where she is also a writer and bodyworker ( She will practice her French with almost anyone and is dying to get back to Paris. She is thoroughly jazzed to be part of the community team.

Onwards and upwards!

Julie Pham, Community Manager