Life at Airbnb: The AirCrew

If you’ve ever called the Airbnb Community Support line, wanting an answer to a question that’s got you stumped, there’s a good chance that your call was answered by one of our many “AirCrew” from around the globe. This stellar team works around the clock to make sure all of your questions are answered. They assist hosts in figuring out pricing, reservations, and give tips on how to go above and beyond. They are your beacon in the night when you travel far from home. Think of it, when are you are a member of the Airbnb community, you can shine a light into the sky and the AirCrew will come calling – sort of like Batman…but not just limited to Gotham City.

This team is hand-selected from thousands of applicants and our criteria is tough. They have met all of our required benchmarks; they smile a lot, have great energy, want every user to feel number one, and have Airbnb tattoo’s. We kid. They don’t have tattoo’s, but if they did that would be impressive.

We’re here to tell you that you’ve got a friend in us and we’re always looking to expand this dynamic family. This is just one of the many positions available on our jobs page, so be sure to check us out. And of course, feel free to contact us at anytime. It can even be just to say, “You are super cool”. We like that sort of thing.

Thanks for being such a stellAIR community,
The Airbnb Team