Airbnb considers the Great Barrier Reef a global environmental treasure that needs to be cared for and protected. We proactively encourage our guests and hosts in the region to familiarize themselves with the ongoing health of the reef and understand the things humans can do to contribute to its long-term sustainability.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority publishes official reports on the reef’s health, pressures and its future. The Authority provides these reports as a regular and reliable means of assessing the health and management of the Great Barrier Reef in an accountable and transparent way.

In their latest report, The Authority states that: “the greatest risks to the Reef are still climate change, land-based runoff, coastal development, some remaining impacts of fishing and illegal fishing and poaching.”

The opportunity to live at one of the most spectacular places on earth, even if just for a night, is not just about experiencing the unrivaled beauty of the location, it’s about understanding how humans can better help and support this special environment.

The bedroom that Airbnb has constructed for this experience has been made from local recycled materials and sustainably sourced local pine wood and will be repurposed as a turtle hatching facility in partnership with local marine biologists.

We’ll also contribute to an ongoing tiger shark tagging project with marine biologists and scientists from James Cook University. Tiger sharks are nearing threatened status so understanding how these animals use the ocean is a critical step toward effective conservation of the species.

Additionally, Airbnb will contribute to local not-for-profit organization Greenfleet, to plant mangroves, salt marsh and wetland plants for every guest visiting the region for the rest of the year. These trees and wetlands play an important role in filtering sediment and runoff from the mainland, reducing carbon and improving the quality of water that flows to the seas and reef, allowing new coral to grow.

For more information on our environmental partner efforts and ways to donate, visit Remember The Reef. Together, we can help preserve this natural wonder for generations to come.

Airbnb will continue to promote a more efficient use of existing resources and is an environmentally sustainable way to travel, whether it be in Australia, or around the world. See more on the environmental impacts of home sharing.